Interview: A Focus on The Future; 3D Forensics

I don’t think everyone can have enough resources to meet the demands of 3D forensics currently, but we have to try to do as much as we can if nations want to prioritize solving contemporary social and environmental issues. I think the forensic science communities in countries that are not benefiting directly from 3D forensics should strengthen the call for the government to see its relevance.

West Africa: DNAforAfrica Crusader Advocates for Implementation of DNA Laws and Policies in the Region

“I am optimistic about the benefits of the DNA revolution.” “I believe the establishment of DNA laws and policies and a proper regulatory framework will bring renewed hope to victims and their relatives in special cases of violent crimes, sexual assault and gender-based violence cases, recidivism, missing and anonymous person cases, ancestry, phenotype, identity, and kinship applications within the West African Subregion.”