Happy Families Day!

Today is International Day of Families! (IDF). The General Assembly of the United Nations established 15th May as the International Day of Families in 1993. The observance aims to “promote awareness of issues relating to families and to increase the knowledge of the social, economic and demographic processes affecting families“.

This year’s Families Day is special. It is special because the ongoing pandemic (COVID-19) has forced us to spend more time with our families.

As I reflect on today, I thought about the importance of families and what they mean to us, especially in difficult times such as these.

I have been spending every Wednesday evening on Zoom with a group of great friends I call family. This meeting has been so helpful for my mental health. I love this family because it’s a safe space to share our lows and highs, our joys and sorrows, our strengths and weaknesses… and I always leave the meeting refreshed and encouraged to face the days ahead with confidence. For me, family is a refuge!

What does family mean to you? I spent my day checking up on friends and family and asking them what they think about this question. Here is a collection of perspectives. I hope you enjoy them as I did!

I believe family is mostly the people who stand by us in good and bad times. Those who are there for us no matter what. Family forms a haven where we draw strength in times of despair, and the ones who share in our joy and celebrate our successes with us. Family is definitely not just blood.


Wow, family. This little tiny virus reminded us of the value of family and the treasure we have but often forgotten. How God emphasises on protecting these values and treasures. And how these can guide us through him. Most of us just run and run and run to achieve some things in our life but easily forget and even destroy what we have already been given. PhD, grants, publications, jobs often take place of family…


Family is that institute everyone has a divine relationship with. Family makes people who they are. Family teaches how love and brotherliness are supposed to be. Family has a core principle… I see family as a robust framework. The slightest attempt to tweak it can bring devastating effects on an individual.


My family represents a community of safety, love, care, hope,and responsibility. As a member of this community, I have the duty to protect them from harm by ensuring that I am safe and keep from activities that could be detrimental to my health and theirs. They represent hope, knowing that I’m not alone in these unprecedented and unpredictable times, I can count on the love and support of my family. Because I have a family to support, I manage my resources responsibly to ensure I have enough to support myself and them. Finally and most importantly, I have an obligation to pray for my family and to seek divine protection for my relatives who are front line workers in the health care sector.


Interesting perspectives! Family means different things to people but overall it is the backbone of strength to our life and the growth of societies. I hope you continue to treasure your families and hold them close. Happy International Day of Families!

By A. Amankwaa | Reflections

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