Dealing with Corona virus – Prof Peter Twumasi

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Viruses can only multiply when they’re in another living thing. They are not cells like bacteria but are biological particles or entities made of core proteins (or modified proteins such as glycoprotein) and genetic material (RNA or DNA).

COVID19 Corona virus is an RNA virus. RNA viruses are the commonest of viruses existing in their millions but also they are the most unstable outside the body. Only a few of RNA viruses cause diseases.

The best ways of stopping corona virus replication is by making sure it does not get access to living bodies for a long time while getting it degraded (destroyed), keeping it outside the body. Note that 12 hours is enough to “kill” the virus outside the body.


  1. Wash your hands with soap regularly
  2. Use alcohol, sanitizers where there’s no water to wash hands
  3. Cover your mouth when coughing, sneezing
  4. Don’t be spitting when talking or in public
  5. Use face mask when closer to persons or areas suspected to be contaminated with the virus.
  6. Keep your office and house ventilated by opening windows
  7. Stay in warm environment. The sun radiation or heat destroys viruses easily.
  8. Drink more water, hot tea without sugar, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables
  9. Take enough rest and sleep to improve your immune system.
  10. Finally, depend on God for His supernatural protection and wisdom to deal with any situation in life including this viral infection.

Stay healthy and blessed.
Prof Peter Twumasi
(Biochemist, KNUST, Ghana)
Source: Facebook Post

Featured Image Source: Scientific Animations.

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