Ghana Scholarships Secretariat opens nominations for 2017/18 Commonwealth Scholarship in UK

Applications are invited from qualified candidates for the above mentioned awards which are tenable in Universities and institutions of higher learning in United Kingdom.  The awards are intended for Ghanaian men and women of high intellectual promise who will be expected to make significant contribution to the achievement of the overall development objectives of the country on their return from their studies.

The Commonwealth Scholarships are for the following levels of study:

  • Masters (One year)
  • Ph.D


Candidates should satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be Ghanaian citizen resident in Ghana
  2. Applicants for Masters Degree must have First Class or second Class Upper.
  3. Applicants for Doctoral studies should have at least 2nd Class (Upper) and a relevant Masters degree in related/relevant fields.
  4. Candidates must not be above 35 years for Masters Degree and above 45 years for Doctoral studies
  5. Applicants must obtain admission from a University in the United Kingdom.
  6. Women are particularly encouraged to apply.

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Deadline: 5th OCTOBER, 2016

Source: Ghana Scholarships Secretariat

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  1. i am really interested in applying but i am a bit unclear on point 5 regarding eligibility, do i at the time of applying need to have already gotten admission in the university or do i apply now and when i do get the admission i send a follow up notification of receipt of admission?

  2. Hi Sheila, sorry for the late reply. Please you must receive an offer from a UK university before applying for the scholarship. Usually this does not take long.

  3. Hello, are students who have applied for CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY DCLINPSY (clinical psychology doctoral program) also eligible to apply for this scholarship since it is also at doctotral level or it strictly must be a Phd?

  4. Hi, am Sammy, please this is my first time here and I will need your help on how to apply to study in any of the universities abroad on scholarship as undergraduate. Thank you.

  5. I came to scholarship Secretariat last year November to make enquiries on this Commonwealth scholarship, which I had then applied because I was calling your lines and emailing you people but there were no replies. When I got to the secretariat I was told you people are not in charge of Commonwealth scholarships and was asked to go UK high commission and they too had no idea of what I was talking about. Now I have got an offer to university of Birmingham and just imagine the tuition fee alone with no scholarship. am really hurt.

    • Hi Alice, I’ve been trying to call the scholarship secretariat but they are not picking as well. You said you went to their office. Please where is their office located in Accra? Thank you

  6. I am Raphael from Ghana. After applying for commonwealth shared scholarship using the online system, do i have to attend any interview in my country?

  7. please am BISMARK, want to know how to obtain admission or an offer from UK university regarding the 5th requirement for the Commonwealth scholarship

    • Hi Bismark, you have to apply to the UK University. You can find information about the application process on the website of the University.

      Best wishes.

      • please after obtaining the admission from UK university , what is the mode of applying to the scholarship secretariat

      • You have to submit all the required documents to the Scholarship Secretariat in Accra.

      • I got an offer from a university in uk. Please how do I apply for the commonwealth scholarship and what the required documents needed by the secretariat.

  8. Please I had a second class lower honour with a GPA of 2.99 from the university of Ghana,Can I apply for this scholarship if I should get an admission from a university in the UK.thanks.

  9. Please am Maud and I have obtained a second class lower with a GPA of 2.99 from the university of Ghana, can I apply for this scholarship if I should get an admission into any university in UK since the difference is just 0.01 to get second class upper. Thanks

  10. please I have been offered admission to study medicine in Russia but can’t afford the fees involve.
    can you me with any scholarship else my administration will be terminated within 50 days

    • Hi Kwasi,

      Unfortunately, we do not run a scholarship scheme. You can contact the Ghana Scholarship Secretariat or GetFund to access the options available.

      Best wishes,

  11. Please I would like to apply for the scholarship one day but point 5 is not clear to me. Will it be possible to apply for admission to a university in August and receive an offer in September/October?

  12. I already had admission to a university in the UK to pursue Master in law thus LLM. please please I need this scholarship to enable me achieve my goals set for this country and beyond. My failure to land this Scholarship will surely spell a lot of doom for me. how do I apply for this scholarship

    • I got admission to study PhD in the UK. how do I get a scholarship? Please respond to my question.

  13. I am very new here and interested to know if i will have to get my admission letter before applying for the scholarship?

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