KNUST launches Twi Medical Glossary for clinical students and health workers

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has launched a Twi Medical Glossary for clinical students and health workers. The booklet was produced as part of activities under the National Institutes of Health/PEPFAR funded Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Project at KNUST. The Twi Medical Glossary is a collaboration between the College of Health Sciences and the Department of Modern Languages of the College of Humanities and Social Science.

The book, according to Professor Peter Donkor, Principal Investigator, MEPI and head of the Office of Grants and Research, aims at facilitating learning by clinical students as well as acting as an aid for clinicians who are not conversant with the Twi or Akan language. Prof. Donkor stated that the introduction of the glossary would improve communication between the doctor, the nurse and the pharmacist who do not speak the Akan language with patients in their clinical practice.

He noted that in Ghana, there were many nuances in the Akan language which medical practitioners should know and comprehend to offer quality care to patients. He further noted that KNUST was the only beneficiary in Africa beside some South African institutions under MEPI. The project, funded by the United States government, aims at empowerment in education training and helping in developing modules of ethical training. KNUST has collaborated with the Ghana Health Service and the Ministry of Health among others. Read more

Source: University Relations Office, KNUST

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