Students demonstrate innovative ideas at KNUST SCISA trade and technology fair

Every year the KNUST Science Students’ Association (SCISA) organizes a Mini-Trade and Technology (TRATECH) Fair to allow students of the College of Science to showcase their work and innovations. The 2016 edition of the SCISA Mini-TRATECH was organized on Wednesday 24th February at the College of Science premises. This year’s edition was very interesting and competitive since most of the departments were eager to impress the public. Most participants were impressed by the creativity and innovation demonstrated by undergraduates from various departments such as chemistry, physics and biochemistry.

At the Chemistry Department stand, there was an exhibition of a biogas digester. Organic waste products kept in an air-tight container are digested by microorganisms (called methanogens) in a process called anaerobic respiration to release methane gas. The gas is collected over water and transferred to another air-tight container and the collected gas can be used for any application of combustion.

For the Physics Department, students displayed an Automated Intelligent Power Saver (AIPS) designed for bedrooms. The device consist of a temperature sensor (TS), light dependent resistor (LDR) and passive infrared resistor (PIR). The human body radiate infrared so when someone enters the room, the PIR would be triggered and the light will be switched on automatically since the LDR has already detected that there is no light in the room. Fraction change of temperature in the room would be sensed by the TS and appliances such as ACs and fans will be on for cooling. Furthermore, there was an exhibition of a smart doorbell which can be placed in front of an office. When someone wants to enter the office, he or she must press a button on the doorbell which has an attached visual display unit (VDU). The person in the office can use a remote controller to indicate if the visitor should wait or enter. The response will be displayed on the VDU.

The students of the Biochemistry & Biotechnology Department organized health screening for students and participants at the fair. The various examinations and tests conducted included body mass index (BMI), blood group and sickle cell screening. BMI is a measure of your general health and is based on ones height and weight ratio. Morbid obesity is defined as at least 100 pounds overweight, with a BMI greater than 40. If your BMI is high, you may have an increased risk of developing certain diseases including high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Blood types such as AA, AO, BB, BO, AB, OO with Rhesus factor (+or-) were tested. Knowing your blood group helps enlighten ones knowledge about production of antibodies which is significant in blood transfusion. For sickle cell, irregular shape of the red blood cells are formed. Thus AA for normal cell, AS and AC for normal but carrier, and SS, SC for patients. People with SS and SC are likely to experience severe symptoms of sickle cell disease.

Overall, the Mini-TRATECH was a big success and participants were happy to learn a lot from the students. The exhibits were very interesting and demonstrated the capabilities and innovative ideas of students of the KNUST College of Science and the impact of the training they have received.

Below are some pictures of exhibits and activities:

Biogas digester designed by KNUST Chemistry students

Biogas digester designed by KNUST Chemistry students

Automated Intelligent Power Saver developed by KNUST Physics students

Automated Intelligent Power Saver developed by KNUST Physics students

Clinical team of KNUST Biochemistry students screening participants

Clinical team of KNUST Biochemistry students screening participants

img-20160305-wa00061Reported by : Bright Afranie, KNUST correspondent


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